Soft Touch PET Film / Soft Touch Polyester Film

Soft Touch Film

Questar® Brand Soft Touch PET Film

Filmquest is a leading supplier and converter of soft touch polyester (PET) film. Filmquest supplies soft touch PET film in slit-to-width rolls, cut sheets, and fabricated components. Filmquest’s converting capacity makes for short lead times with competitive pricing.

“Premium Quality” describes the experience of touching this high-quality packaging film, only available with Filmquest’s exclusive Soft Touch PET film (CP-267) and Soft Touch Matte film (CP-367).

Feeling is believing!

Soft Touch consumer experience for pet food packaging

  • Consumers intuitively perceive the product’s quality based on the soft, tactile feel of the package.
  • The softest, smoothest coating enables designers and brand owners to fully leverage a haptic package.

Seeing is believing!

  • Product stands out among others with excellent graphic quality.
  • Message and graphics are clearly visible with no glaring surface to wash out the details.

Making is believing!

  • Optimized consistency of coated surface ensures printing, laminating and converting
  • Grow your brand owner position with a “premiere packaging solution” utilizing digital, flexo and gravure processes.

Questar® Brand Soft Touch Features:

Softest Feel – for quality and performance

  • A much softer feel than plain PET, polypropylene, or imitation matte finish coatings or inks
  • Better heat resistance and mechanical properties of PET vs. other films

Ultra-Low Gloss – Up to 95% less gloss than regular matte films.

  • No glare from lighting to reflect out graphics at point of purchase
  • Excellent graphical quality of reverse printing to make the image pop

No-gloss Glare-free graphics quality packaging

High COF – Higher coefficient of friction makes it ideal for large package palletizing and shelving stability.

  • Safety and security in package transit and point of purchase display
  • Anti-blocking surface ensures that bags will not stick together under high temperature and pressure (enables consumer to remove the bag at point of purchase)
  • COF is optimized for converting performance consistency (printing, laminating, and converting lines) for less downtime and overall lower cost of conversion.

Questar® Brand Soft Touch Applications:

Typical applications of Filmquest’s soft touch film include packaging for:

  • Pet products
  • Coffee
  • Cereal
  • Snack foods
  • Fruit / nutrition bars
  • Cosmetics
  • Medical products
  • Board lamination

What is Soft Touch PET Film?

Soft touch polyester film, also called soft touch PET film, is a plastic film that has been treated so that it feels soft and smooth to the touch. Soft touch PET film has tactile, physical, mechanical, optical, thermal, electrical and chemical properties that make it very well suited for many specialized applications.

Soft Touch PET Film Technical Information

Soft Touch PET film from Filmquest has various technical properties that make it a good choice for many applications.

View the Questar® CP-267 Soft Touch Polyester Film 48 Gauge Technical Data Sheet (PDF) for details on the popular 48 gauge film.

View the Questar® CP-367 Soft Touch Matte Polyester Film 48 Gauge Technical Data Sheet (PDF) for details on the popular 48 gauge film.

Why Choose Filmquest for Soft Touch PET Film?

Customers choose Filmquest for soft touch polyester film because of:

  • Complete range of Questar® polyester film grades
  • Custom fabricated components
  • Complete slitting
  • Simple order entry via telephone, fax or email
  • Rolls: any width, any configuration with precision slitting
  • Clean room environment
  • Competitive prices
  • Fast lead times