Imaging & Graphics Applications for Filmquest’s PET Film

Imaging & Graphics printing on PET film from Filmquest

Filmquest supplies Questar® brand polyester film for imaging and graphics applications that include decals, graphic arts, decorations, and office supplies.

Other markets/applications include:

X-ray film, photo tools, microfilm/microfiche, printer ribbons, overhead projection films, membrane switches/spacers, holograms, print-on plastics, post lamination, laser printer labels, bar code labels, ink jet products, computer graphics, label/decal

Questar® high-clarity polyester film is available with many treatments for specific graphic arts markets.

AG142-700Labels and a variety of graphic applications where adhesion to solvent and water-based coatings is required.Crystal clear, superior optical quality with high clarity and gloss. Pretreated on one or both sides for long service life. Good handling properties.
BG300-1000Graphic arts, office supplies, sheet protectors, protective glazing.Optical and surface properties for safe performance in solvent coating operations. Excellent dimensional stability and flatness. Two-side anti-static coating available.