Metalized PET Film / Aluminized Polyester Film

Metalized PET Film / Aluminized Polyester Film

Filmquest is a leading supplier and converter of metalized polyester (PET) film.

Filmquest supplies all grades of PET film, including metalized PET film in slit-to-width rolls, cut sheets, and fabricated components. Filmquest can offer short lead times with competitive pricing.

The metalization of the PET film adds an aesthetic that is appealing for many applications, particularly when used for flexible packaging. It also changes other characteristics of the PET film, making it useful for many applications.

Questar® brand metalized PET is available in a full range of metalized tinting from fully opaque (reflective) to low level tint (transparent). Metalized PET is also offered in an array of metalized / treated or coated side variations including:

  • Metalized one side / Corona treated other side
  • Metalized one side / Chem treated other side
  • Metalized one side / PVdC coated other side
  • Metalized one side / Plain other side
  • Custom metalized tint level (range from fully opaque to light tint transparency)
  • Off metalizer or converted to custom roll specifications (same as PET film offerings)

What is Metalized PET Film?

Metalizing Operation at Filmquest

Metalized polyester film, also called metalized PET film, met PET film, or aluminized PET film, is a plastic film that has been treated so that a layer of aluminum particles are put on one side of the film. The amount of aluminum applied allows for various levels of tinting. This aluminized PET film has physical, mechanical, optical, thermal, electrical and chemical properties that make it very well suited for many specialized applications.

Metalized PET Film Technical Information

Metalized PET film from Filmquest has various technical properties that make it a good choice for many applications. View the Questar® CP-133 Metalized Polyester Film 48 Gauge Technical Data Sheet (PDF) for details on the popular 48 gauge film.

Metalized PET Film Master Roll

Why Choose Filmquest for Metalized PET Film?

Customers choose Filmquest for metalized polyester film/met PET film because of:

  • Complete range of Questar® polyester film grades
  • Custom fabricated components
  • Complete slitting
  • Simple order entry via telephone, fax or email
  • Rolls: any width, any configuration with precision slitting
  • Clean room environment
  • Competitive prices
  • Fast lead times