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    Ready to develop a unique packaging experience? Filmquest’s luxurious CP267 and economical CP367 Soft Touch Films were designed with both production and the end-user in mind.

  • Filmquest is a leading supplier and converter of polyester (PET) film.

    Filmquest converts and coats all grades of PET film for use in flexible packaging, industrial and other markets. Filmquest supplies PET film in master rolls, slit-to-width rolls, cut sheets, and fabricated components. Filmquest’s extensive production/converting capacity ensures far shorter lead times than polyester film manufacturing mills with competitive pricing.

    PET Film Roll
    Metallized PET Film

    Filmquest’s offerings include the follow Questar® brand products:

    Questar® polyester film
    Questar® Soft Touch polyester film
    Questar® Metalized polyester film
    Coated PET film
    Corona treated PET film
    Chemically treated PET film
    Co-extruded PET film

    Colored/pigmented PET film
    Black PET film
    Ultra clear PET film
    Balanced PET film
    Twistable PET film
    NanoShield® high barrier PET film
    Ion-bond metalized PET film

    Lidding stock PET film
    High barrier PET film
    Heat sealable PET film
    Anti-fog PET film
    Shrink controlled PET film
    Anti-static PET film

    PET Film

    What is PET Film?

    Polyester film is often referred to by its abbreviation, PET film. The chemical name for this type of plastic is polyethylene terephthalate, which is commonly shortened to PET. It is a versatile and robust plastic in film form of various thicknesses, widths and transparencies. It has physical, mechanical, optical, thermal, electrical and chemical properties that make it suitable for many applications. PET film is one of many types of plastic film.

    Markets and Applications for PET Film

    Questar® brand polyester film from Filmquest is used for:

    Flexible Packaging laminators, printers and converters

    PET for pressure sensitive facestock and silicone release liner

    Industrial / Coaters / Laminators

    Electronics Circuit Board on PET

    Electrical & Electronics

    Printing on PET film

    Imaging & Graphics