John P. Felinski

John P. Felinski John P. Felinski,
Founder, President & CEO,
Filmquest Group, Inc.

Summary Biography

Mr. Felinski is the Founder, President, and CEO of Filmquest Group. He has over forty years of experience dedicated to the polyester film industry and is recognized globally for his expertise and strategic foresight.

Mr. Felinski sits on industry advisory boards, presents at seminars, and is a regular contributor to one of the premier international consulting firms that track the global PET market. Mr. Felinski believes in long term strategic relationships and discounts short term transactional based models. This was demonstrated in 2010 when the supply of PET was significantly constrained creating severe global shortages, yet based on the strength and commitment of his supplier relationships which spanned many decades, Filmquest had the ability to provide PET film to all its core customers without interruption and to even grow its market share.

Mr. Felinski’s commitment to provide customers with exceptional value is substantiated by the significant investment made in Filmquest’s world class infrastructure. Every company has a culture that reflects its leadership and Mr. Felinski’s principles and ethics are certainly the cornerstone of Filmquest’s culture.

Mr. Felinski is a native of the greater Chicago metropolitan area and graduated with a BS in Marketing from Northern Illinois University.

Integrity, commitment, and remaining grounded to his principles, have made Mr. Felinski a successful and well respected entrepreneur, recognized throughout the world for his continued contribution to the PET film industry.


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