November 11th, 2015

Filmquest Enhances its Reputation with Surface Inspection System

Posted on November 11th, 2015, by: , Founder, President & CEO, Filmquest Group, Inc.

PAPER, FILM & FOIL CONVERTER (PFFC) - When Filmquest, the exclusive supplier of Questar polyester (PET) film, discovered that certain customers were using advanced inspection technology that made their technology lag in identifying extremely small defects, Filmquest responded with bold and proactive measures. They added state-of-the-art high resolution inspection technology by incorporating Unilux LED strobes into a rigorous quality program at its Bolingbrook, IL, converting facility.

Fixed-mount Unilux LED2000 Series strobe
Filmquest installed a fixed-mount Unilux LED2000 Series strobe to meet quality objectives for its PET film.

“Cost never entered the picture,” said Kevin Burdwood, general manager, but opportunity costs and value did frame the decision. In a highly competitive global market, Filmquest depends on its reputation as a high quality global film supplier to keep current and new customers on the cutting edge of quality and technology. Of course, this helps everyone meet their objectives, but Burdwood and his management team saw far more than goals and objectives.

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