September 2nd, 2016

Global Container Crisis

Filmquest Group has received requests the last few days from Film Converters that import Petfilm, based on the Hanjin Receivership action (bankruptcy) reported by Reuters and The Wall Street Journal.

This is a supply risk and an example of what Filmquest has been discussing as to why a container ordered from Filmquest is a container of certainty and offers assurance of on time delivery.

We Guarantee your delivery date no matter what happens along the entire procurement process. Our investment to guarantee a Filmquest container is backed by over 5 Million pounds of Petfilm in stock at all times, along with in house slitting, coating and metalizing capacity. This investment guarantees that your Filmquest container order will be delivered on timeā€¦. every time, without thinking if your container will never arrive or on time because of the many risks in the overseas supply chain.

You can contact Filmquest Group at or toll free 1-888-PET-FILM for additional information.

We hope this information will be beneficial in strategic global procurement and supply chain management.

Filmquest Group Inc.