About Filmquest

Filmquest is the leading merchant converter specializing in polyester film. We supply converters that print, coat, laminate, and metallize all grades of polyester film.

The success of Filmquest and its customers is grounded in decades of market experience, consistent quality, award-winning customer service, innovation, and integrity.

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Our Locations

Headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois, Filmquest has sales offices throughout the United States. Our world-class converting and warehouse facility is located in Greer, South Carolina.

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Filmquest stocks millions of pounds of inventory, available every day for immediate shipment and conversion. That allows us to accommodate most rush orders within 24 hours, including custom film configurations.

Polyester Film Is Our Business

Filmquest offers the widest range of polyester films available. Film can be supplied to meet industry specifications including corona and chemical treatments, anti-static, heat sealable, PvDC, colored, anti-fog, hazy, ultra-clear, shrinkable, twistable, metallized, and other market and performance-driven properties.

Filmquest is the converting industry's premier resource for research and development, technical information, and lab and production samples. The market information we acquire is both local and global, so our customers reap the benefits of our in-depth industry expertise.

Why Choose Filmquest?

  • Selection - We offer a complete range of polyester film grades and gauges, as well as a full line of conversion services and treatments. Unlike the big guys, we can supply just the quantity you need, from 1-roll orders all the way up to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Because we specialize in polyester film, we can do custom conversions that the others just can't.
  • Price - Filmquest knows the market. We monitor imports of films coming into the country. We track capacity coming online and lines being shut down. And we use all of this information to buy right. That allows us to pass the savings on to you. Regardless of the quantity of film you need, we supply it at the lowest possible global price to save you money.
  • Service - We ask a lot of questions up front. We are very knowledgeable about every facet of the polyester film business and make absolutely sure that what we sell every customer is perfect for their specific application. We don't want to make a single sale—we want to develop a relationship and make you a customer for life.
  • Quality - Questar™ Polyester Film is ISO Compliant and FDA Approved. Certificates of Analysis are available for customer internal and external compliance. Our high-tech converting equipment and trained operators virtually eliminate problems such as wrinkles, bad edges, or roll profiles that can cause gauge bands. And, we constantly upgrade our equipment to keep pace with your need for ever-increasing efficiency.

The Smart Choice

Select an industry leader with an unwavering commitment to your complete satisfaction.

Contact Filmquest and find out how we can meet your polyester film needs.

Filmquest Headquarters The warehouse at FilmQuest

Our plants in Illinois and South Carolina house millions of pounds of polyester films for your just-in-time applications.

Film processing controls

Our 90" vacuum metallizer coats pure, high grade aluminum on polyester films. We also coat polyolefin films.

Coating polyester film

Our 64" coater can provide precise coating weights. We also have in-line, 2-sided corona treating, at well as turrets on both ends. Line speeds are up to 1000'/minute.

Film Processing Equipment

Our modern machinery produces rapid material conversions and computerized data collection for quality control.

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